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Among the most popular Christmas decoration and confectionary is the delicious candy cane. Be it on a Christmas tree or as a sweet treat, it forms an integral part of the Christmas tradition. The first candy cane, in its current shape, was all white and dates back to the 17th century when it was given to children as a way to keep them occupied during long nativity plays and sermons. The cane shape is emblematic of a shepherds staff. It wasnt until after 1900 that the red stripes and peppermint flavor were introduced. There are many legends surrounding the history of the candy cane. Such as, that it was a secret Christian candy, invented during a time of Christian persecution. The J shape was to represent Jesus, the stripes to signify Christs purity and sacrifice, and the hardness to imply the strength of the church.

Origins of Candy Canes
New York City

Learn about the history of candy canes that are associated with winter holidays.

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