About GeoBeats

GeoBeats, Inc. is an award-winning online video network based out of the Washington, DC metro area. Leveraging its global network of local filmmakers and innovative production process, GeoBeats has developed expertise in production and distribution of professional web videos. From many of the world's largest media groups to smaller, independent companies rely on GeoBeats' video content and delivery solutions for boosting their on-demand video offerings.

On the production side, we incorporate uniquely efficient processes to produce short form professional video content. With a network of filmmakers that spans over 45 countries, we can shoot videos in literally any location around the world. All GeoBeats videos share the following aspects: reliability, relevance, and personality. The facts in all the videos are thoroughly researched. Additionally, in working with passionate filmmakers and subjects, we are able to reflect local flavor and personality across all the videos. As a result, GeoBeats videos have a strong appeal amongst consumers and advertisers.

We follow a multi-platform approach for distributing web videos to millions of users worldwide. GeoBeats Travel Player is the first video player built to stream video content specifically for the travel industry. GeoBeats Travel Player provides an easy and powerful way for any media, travel or related business to add high quality video guides to their portfolio. We also have partnerships with leading media companies like Comcast, CondéNet, and TripAdvisor making our videos available to millions of users through our partners' web properties. Furthermore, our videos are accessible via the geobeats.com website.

To learn more about custom video production, click here. For licensing of GeoBeats content, please Contact GeoBeats.