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Alexander Palin - September 08, 2007
We dined at Del Fagioli in July 2007 and it was the best restaurant experience I have ever had. We shared a wonderful florentine steak. The staff were amazing and I am already planning my next visit to Florence and Del Fagioli.
Andrew - September 12, 2007
I've gone here over a dozen times on different trips to florence...oh my god...amazed to see it here, my mouth is watering! I wish it wasn't on the web so I could have it all to myself, this is my favorite restaurant in the world- the staff is so friendly, the none not miss this.
Bryan - October 16, 2007
My wife and I had the pleasure of dining here during the Florence leg of our Sept/Oct '07 vacation in Italy. It was recommended to us by the B&B we were staying at. We had such an amazing dinner that we came back the next evening for an encore. Though we couldn't read the Italian menus, each brother, Antonio and Simone, recommended excellent dishes for both visits. You truly taste all the fresh ingredients they use in their homestyle dishes. The Papa al Pomodoro and white bean soups, stuffed tomatoes, peppers wrapped with beef and Florentine steak were simply delicious! I don't think it's possible for this place to ever serve a bad meal! In the end, we agreed that the best meals of our entire Italian vacation were at Del Fagioli.
Brian - April 25, 2008
This place is it when it comes to great food! Get the steak, I still can't find any place like it!
Ken - June 12, 2008
I'm sad that the best secret in Florence is on the web. We've been eating here for ten years and got homesick seeing this. While the Euro has killed many bargains in Italy this remains the must-eat-there place. Like eating with family. Like Antonio said, there is no international cooking here, ONLY authentic Florentine fare!
Dee - August 10, 2008
Fagioli a'l Ucceletto. Beans in a tomato sauce with sausage. We used to come here over the holidays every year and Bob (my dad) and Jane, who are part-year Florentines, had to get the schedules right because the restaurant was closed for a week or so while the owners went on vacation. Ahhhh, they don't call Tuscans "bean-eaters" for nothing!
Sheila from Webster, NY - October 01, 2008
I couldn't believe I found this clip while searching for a Tuscan Bean soup recipe. But alas, I still cannot find a recipe that comes close to the soup that my family and I had in May 2005 at Del Fagioli's! Our inn suggested this wonderful place that satisfied my family's cravings for vegetables! Our sighs after the 1st mouthful were instant satisfaction! It is a wonderful place that I hope never changes! Bravo Fagioli and Toni! Thank you for bringing back this wonderful Florence memorie!!
James Hood - December 12, 2010
I believe it was back in 2001 that I first discovered this little family restuarant while taking a group of 12 high school seniors through Europe. Each and every year since we have made our "pilgrimage" to Del Fagioli. All we have done is ask Antonio, Simone, or "Papa" that we want a meal for 15 and the next 3 hours was full of fun, laughter, food and wine. It is an experience everyone who visits Florence should encounter.

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Del Fagioli

Traditional Florentine dining in a centuries old building.

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