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Maya - February 25, 2007
Ah, these massages are truly out of this world. We got the dhara done, where they pour hot oil on your forehead for 45 minutes. It is so therapeutic. Highly recommended!
Pinky Nigam - March 21, 2007
Yes Maya I totally agree with you. I got the same done and I could really feel stress-relieved. Pinky Nigam (Host)
Varun - March 28, 2007
The hot oil massage is called the Shirodhara. We tried some while in Kerala and they were awesome as well. When at one of these Ayurvedic Centers feel free to negotiate. It works most of the time!
Reena - August 08, 2007
Great information
geeta - October 14, 2007
can you please provide me the full address and if you have any idea about the prices they offer..starting range
Sunitha Sanjay - December 22, 2007
Thank you for the useful information. Great!!!!
Karen Tsui - January 22, 2010
Wow thanks for the info Iam going to be in New Dehli next week and as a therapist I am so excited to try out the head massage with oil. Thank you
aakash - March 28, 2010
Pinky, I really enjoy watching all these clips that you guys produce because they are just so informative and great! You also present them in a wonderfull manner thats enjoying to watch. I wanted to thankyou for helping people like me planning trips to delhi!

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