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artan - September 28, 2007
its good,but can you show me the warendorf,munster,germany
Nick(UK) - October 07, 2007
Great short videos! Beautifully delivered, interesting and enjoyable. I've visited Berlin three times and always enjoy it greatly. Thank you, Dorthe! (the Insider Walking Tours are very good, as is the Zoo)
marie (FR) - November 23, 2007
That is one of best travel clips over here!
Paul (NL) - December 29, 2007
Great idea! Great introduction in Berlin Culture. Great host.
On my Way - January 03, 2008
Great videos , great service to tourists Thanks
Eliana - June 01, 2008
These videos are a great help for tourist, Maybe another with common usefull phrases in german, Thanks
Eliana - June 01, 2008
Great videos, i just cannot wait for the next, thanks Dorthe, you are a great comunicator.
Konsti (GER) - June 11, 2008
The tourist tips are very great! I think it's a good help for them, to see where their come to! And Berlin is a very great city! Come in, and find out! ;-)

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