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roamaround - June 01, 2009
wow....VERY nice piece. Well shot, edited and hosted. bravo!!
Vaibhav Lall - June 26, 2009
Wow...nice work..!
John Crawley - July 03, 2009
Great job ! Quick , fun, transmits the feel of Indian streets !
Steve - August 21, 2009
I've had it done in a small shop, not much above the roadside, and in a posh salon in Karol Bagh. The salon is WAY better, and still only Rs 200, I seem to recall, which is fine for tourists. And a superb cut too.
Emma - September 20, 2010
wow that is really cool
Saurabh Nangia - January 10, 2011
That's really is known as "Sun & Shade" hair-cut under tree..the cheapest one in India!!
Amit - June 15, 2011
amazing... Indian bidi in a international cigarette packet. I'm off to Delhi this week, would try this once again. missed the pun mate!!

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Can you imagine a hair cut for 30 cents. But this is only recommended for the brave.

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