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Istanbul, the once capital of the Roman Empire, has a lengthy and often tumultuous narration of history. This history ironically comes to light as the dying suns rays linger on its ethereal architecture. A strikingly unique characteristic of Istanbul is that it is the only bi-continental city in the world, spanning both Asia and Europe. The cultures of these continents have blended resulting in this remarkable city. This beauty erupts at sunset, the lines of the buildings and the cross cultural features of this immaculate city are highlighted during this time of ambiguity linking the bright day and star filled night. The warm colors of the waning sun wash the city in an aesthetic, soothing glow. Istanbul's location on the Bosporus creates an intense and unparalleled sunset over two seas.

Istanbul at Sunset

Take a tour of Istanbul at Sunset in Turkey part of the Worlds Greatest Attractions travel video series by GeoBeats.

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