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puneet wadhwa - July 11, 2007
The club is very nice, I like the quality crowd over there, but the wrong thing is that stags are not allowed and badly treated.
Nick - July 25, 2007
Stags are allowed if you know someone or if you got the cash.
Holy Nodwal - July 27, 2007
Yup, i have been there! it's a coooool place to be. it was my first time in India, and i enjoyed it a lot. if come again i'll definitely visit ELEVATE. KEEP ROCKIN'''''''G! KISSSES
chris rooney - July 30, 2007
great nightout, was there with my friends. that was one good experience. club rocks. cool drinks & hot chicks. nice place to party. cheers
Vikram - August 07, 2007
I have never been to a place like this. ELEVATE IS HAPPENING!
Ankita sharma - October 24, 2007
Elevate is the coolest place 2 rock n chill.....
sarah - December 16, 2007
why cant you wear indian traditional clothes to elevate ?
Sonam - January 20, 2008
What is the entry fees for Elevate on weekend for a couple?
brijraj singh - February 06, 2008
i have been there several times. the place is undoubtedly the best and the most happening one in and around delhi... but one thing tht really disappoints me is the way stags r treated. com'on stags who seem decent enough shud be allowed to enter or may be let the stags have to pay more ! imagine wht a disappointment it wud be to a person, who travels for abt 500 kms to go to elevate and is denied entry, when he reaches the entry door !! i mean shud the guys without girlfriends, be deprived of the wonderful experience inside the entry doors of elevate ???? I THINK MANAGEMENT OF THE CLUB SHUD MAKE NOTE OF THIS.
vineetjaiswal - February 06, 2008
after visiting elevates i want now to be a part of elevate.. i really like it, from my view its one of the best discs in the world,,
susan campbell - February 16, 2008
it was my first time at elevate. enjoyed alot.every thing was nice except the entry it was too crowded may be gud for the club.staff is very helful & the manager is really cool!!!!!! overall wonderful experience will be back soon.............. cheers;
Ronald Los Angles California - June 07, 2008
I'll be there after the Summer.. Planning a long stay In Delhi,, I'm sure the Experience will Awsome,Also I get to Show Off the Cali Style Dance Flava..hehehe lol I hope I see you there Bye......
Nicky - June 27, 2008
I haven't been to Night Clubs in India. Do we need to make reservation or something like that? I heared that sometimes they don't let you inn or something like that... Hope someone will answer this.............
Rocky - July 26, 2008
Hi Nicky... You don't need to make any reservations for elevates. But if there is any special event, you might need to have a invitation or entry pass before they run out of stock. On regular days you can go and enjoy the party. By the way elevates is one of the best night club in India.
Neelesh Singh Rao - December 17, 2008
The best place in NCR to recharge your emotions. The only & real wild party destination !
adi sharma - April 25, 2010
amazing club i spend my best occasion music with hot crowd
Nikhil - July 10, 2010
A wonderful experience, awesome night with Hot crowd and music is like 1800% voltage.. It really drives me nuts
Poonam - August 12, 2010
Good to be there, it was very enjoyable and i had good time wid my dear one. coooooool place foer night out
Vats - Los Angles, California - February 22, 2011
I am coming to Noida on business trip. Because I am party person, I was looking a club in Noida and bumped to this page and read all the comments carefully. Now guess what, I have couple question. 1) Would I be denied to enter if I am coming alone ( I mean without a chick)? 2) Is club open 7 days a week? 3) What 3 things I should to avoid denial to enter at gate? Can someone with real experience with this club help me out?

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