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I'd like to show you the top 5 travel destinations of India. Delhi - Start with the country's capital. Soak in the exciting energy of this fast growing city while enjoying the landmarks that tell the story of Delhi's past. Kerala - Locals call it God's country. And why not - this is where you'll find great beaches and ofcourse the calm and meditative world famous backwaters. Mumbai - The most cosmopolitan city of India. Besides its plethora of restaurants and nightlife, the city has a remarkable diversity of beautiful architecture. Rajasthan - The state of princes and palaces. Set amidst a desert landscape, this other worldly destination showcases India's rich heritage like no other place. Agra - This is the city where you will find Taj Mahal - one of the wonders of the world. An awe-inspiring symbol of love and a widowed Kings promise to his beloved Queen.

India - Top 5 Travel Destinations
New Delhi

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