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Oleg - March 07, 2007
Great sandwiches at cheap prices. A good find in Florence.
Zwhit - August 01, 2007
Lived down the street from this shop. Alberto is so cool and the food is awesome!
:) - January 11, 2008
best sandwiches ive ever had. alberto and his staff are super friendly and know how to run a successful business.
Rick Quattrini - June 30, 2008
Alberto was magical..Besides preparing fresh porcini panini with tartufo, he introduced us to directors of The Florence Culinairy Institute who graciously offered their kitchen and dining room for our curious students who shopped, prepped and cooked their dinner while sipping flights of various Chiantis. What a cool memory. FCI and Alberto can rest assured, when they arrive in New York, I am at their beck and call.
Danielle - February 15, 2009
Best sandwich in the world!!!
katie - August 26, 2009
oh the best sandwiches i have ever eaten. I wish i had written down the menu or something.... Does anyone have a menu or know what all was on some of the sandwiches?
Jon Keller - September 23, 2009
H - September 17, 2010
I dream of these panini! The best ever! I ate there basically daily for three months..never got tired of them!

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Oil Shoppe

Alberto strives to make delicious, inexpensive, and memorable sandwiches in the heart of Florence.


Oleum Olivae, Florence via S.Egidio.

Phone/Contact Info

Method of payment
Accepts Credit Cards

10 am to 7 pm (Mon - Fri).

Getting There/Directions
Bus - Number 14, 22, Or 1 to La Pergola.
Walk - 5 minutes walking distance from Duomo.

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