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Jill Hassan - October 18, 2007
I want a hen pizza right now, it looked fantastic'!
Megan - March 13, 2008
I am drooling.
Kate - July 06, 2008
Best pizza I ever had!
Alex - July 17, 2008
I´ll be visiting pizzaman soon whit my friend Dani!!! :D
michael - March 14, 2009
great but where is it ?
Anonymous - May 09, 2010
Best Pizza Ever! Go watch Fiorentina ta Campo di Marte, than go to PIzza Man take away! Can´t get more Italian / Florentin than this. A must go!
Jack - August 21, 2010
Went to Pizza Man last Summer after seeing it on GeoBeats. Liked it so much, went to it again during same holiday (was only in Florence for 4 days!!). Pizze are excellent and a lot better than you get in the UK. Not very expensive either!! Check out there website for restaurants - there are a few in/around Florence.

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Pizza Man

The lively pizza man, Pasquale Pometto makes classic pizzas at this popular local joint.

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