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Rana - February 18, 2007
I was in India recently and malls like this are opening everywhere even in smaller cities. They are creating a new mall going culture across India.
Adi - February 25, 2007
Rana, the last time I was in India, the malls were so much more expensive than other shopping areas. Is that still true?
Rana - February 26, 2007
Adi - malls are expensive than some other markets but you can expect to find more consistent quality.
Priyanka - March 15, 2007
Centerstage mall is the biggest shopping mall in the NCR region till date. It is populary known as "waves noida".I have been to this mall many a times.Food joints, popular brands, movies, disco n pub has all!! "Elevate" which is the most popular n happening discotheque of the Capital region..makes it more lively in the evening!!
mukesh - December 31, 2007
centerstage mall, no doubt is one of the most hip and happening places to be in with all major brands, waves good food courts and yes elevates. What else can anyone ask for? BUT in the coming days great India place will give it tough competition as it has one more thing .,.,.that is ENTERTAINMENT PARK.

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Centrestage Mall
New Delhi

Shopping, shopping, shopping..India is going mall crazy. Catch the pulse at a popular mall.

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