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Tom - March 08, 2007
Really cheap clothes and unusual fish in Tokyo's Ameyoko market.
Michelle - April 13, 2007
I live in Australia but I'm trying to chase up a woman's clothing store in Ameyoko market. It was multiple levels high and sold young women's clothing and latin american influenced designs. It was a few streets from the station across from a store of leather products. It is a long shop but i desperately need to find it
katie#1 - March 09, 2008
I love your market. I say to my self why can't we over here have somthing like that and if I have to number 1-10 this would be a 100. my siser won't to go and live over there in Tokyo,Shibuya os do I but I'm not. I love Tokyo and my sister is one of your bigest fans. os thank you for the videos and have a nice day.
Kwinsky - August 12, 2008
I stayed in Tokyo for two months and Ameyoko is really a "must-see" place! You can find lots of things from clothes, shoes, bags, belts all in discounted prices. There's also food stalls that sells fruits, meats, and chocolates - I particularly love the chocolate bag for Y1000!!!
Sandeep - September 25, 2009
Thanks Kaz, because of your video i checked out Ameyoko market for some bargains on clothes and gifts (non-used items). I must admit some of the shoes I saw were similarly priced to USA and Canada, but it's still worth a glance.

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Ameyoko Market

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