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PierDam - March 05, 2007
Had no idea there was that central market right next to San Lorenzo market in Florence. Host is right, it is easy to miss that one.
Lisa - March 16, 2007
San Lorenzo is the place for cheap leather goods, definitely bargain.
Lisa - July 03, 2007
Central Market's fresh produce is unbelievably beautiful with rich brilliant colors. Check out the tomatoes, both color and variety. A treat awaits all visitors in a multitude of shops with friendly vendors. Loved it last week!!
Bellesme - April 10, 2009
San Ambrogio, a ten minute walk from San Lorenzo, is another great market worth visiting. It is more of an open air merket with really nice fruits, vegetables, and flowers. San Ambrogio also has vendors selling used and new clothes at great prices. On the first Sat. of the month it hosts a large flea market. There are some antique shops in San Ambrogio, but they are more expensive. A word of caution regarding San Lorenzo: yes, there are bargains, but many of the goods sold there are manufactured in sweat shops.
valerie collins - September 22, 2009
ciao we were at both these wonderful mkts may 09.The leather prices and quality were the best we found.The mkt is fun and has the most wonderful foods.We just found it around closeing time and were leaving the next day.

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Tour of San Lorenzo, an open bargain market and Central Market, a fesh produce market.

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