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Saurav Malik - March 28, 2007
You should check Rodeo's after cricket scene is over...The environment is electric...theme inside is cowboy culture...
Priyanka - March 28, 2007
Geobeats--Release of your Cricket Mania video, when the World Cup climax is really thats what you call a perfect timing. Indians are jus' crazy for this game..Rodeo shows it all!!
Vasu Nair - February 25, 2008
Cricket is followed as a religion in India. Nice video!!
Amit Chauhan - March 10, 2008
Cricket Cricket Cricket!!! one thing which anyone cannot miss out while in India. The ferozeshah kotla ground is the biggest ground in Delhi dedicated for cricket.
Ankush Aggarwal - July 23, 2008
Guys you have to see India v/s Pakistan to understand what cricket fever is in India. Nothing beats a match b/w these two countries

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