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David - March 08, 2007
Taking a tour of Museum Island in Berlin, you see such an amazing concentration of art in a single place similar to the Smithsonian in Washington DC. You might feel overwhelmed with information but a great experience.
Rebecca - March 15, 2007
Are there places where you can still check out the Berlin Wall?
ND - March 16, 2007
So much to visit in Berlin with all the landmarks. Reichstag is cool, government activities can be seen from the glass dome and a wonderful city view.
John - May 14, 2009
Dorthe Eickelberg does a fantastic job of showing you Berlin from the perspective of a resident in Berlin. This travel/history/tourism series is one of the best I've ever seen on the internet. Sybille Spinola's videography is fantastic. When my wife and I visit Berlin, we are taking Dorthe's advice and getting a "day pass" for the S-Bahn/U-Bahn. I can't wait to visit!
Tim in Long Beach - February 25, 2010
three trips to Germany and never once in Berlin. so nice that this is here. danke, Sibyle u, Dörthe.

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Glimpse into Germany's history through these monuments and buildings.

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Famous Landmarks - Museum Island (Pergamon Museum & Berlin Cathedral), Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, and Holocaust Memorial.

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