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reeta - July 01, 2007
lol!!! nice one dat! the toilets at pvr plaza in CP are also worth covering.
Shilpi Johri Dam - September 10, 2007
I've seen the Museum recently on NDTV Good Times. I liked it. Though I've been a resident of Delhi I didn't know about it. Now I stay in Bangalore. I'll be coming to Delhi soon I'll definitely visit it and tell my family who stay in Delhi. It's a good effort. I must congratulate you guys.
Ashok kumar jha - April 25, 2008
Toilet Museum, something which really caught my attention. I like the way this has been presented. Great host.
Katy - March 04, 2009
Don't know much about India but love the openess and sense of humor in this piece. Hello from the USA
avantika parker - April 17, 2009
hey guys.....nice to see such hilarious stuffs out there.. but where is this place?
caroline - September 27, 2010
well all toilets re something
Kamala, France - October 05, 2010
This Museum of the Toilet is simply fantastique to explain all over the world is also in India there are people Cultivated, Interested, Intelligent and are having knowledge in everything. Mera Bharat Mahaan and all my Indian brothers and sisters Pranaam.
rajender - March 02, 2011
an eye-opening information about toilet history.......

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Toilet Museum
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What you have been dying to know - the history of toilets at Sulabh Toilet Museum.


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