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NMutlu - June 03, 2011
Bosphorus is not a river, it is a strait.

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Istanbul is divided-- Europe to the west, Asia to the east-- by the waters of the Bosphorus River. The fifth largest city in the world straddles this 20 mile long strait, making it the only city to be located on 2 continents. The river is large enough to host many small islets, such as the ancient Maiden's Tower seen here. Used for international navigation, the river connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. A half-day cruise can be taken down the length of the river towards the Black Sea. Mosques, waterfront houses and restaurants decorate the shores on both sides of the water. There is evidence that an earthquake on the Bosphorus was the inspiration for the legend of Noah's Ark. The view that the river affords of two different parts of the world is stunning both on land and on the water.

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