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Preeti Kumar - March 04, 2007
Mumbai is crazy during Janmashtami Festival. It is lot of fun to witness the breaking of handis. But if you are a woman, be careful being amidst the crowd.
Mark - August 29, 2007
this is the most beautiful website of the whole world, and i've seen a countless number of them since the last 10 years. Shreya is of rare beauty.
dr. iqbal malik - August 10, 2009
of all indian festivals janmashtami is one of the environmentally friendly. Yes there are high noise levels , but so are on indian weddings. there is excessive garbage but so is after any function. It would be commendable if the organizers can take care of these two factors.
jayanti - October 09, 2009
they are crazy but fun is amazing, loved it
Rajeev Kumar - September 01, 2010
Happy janmasthmi to all indian people and other than indian also who celibrate this hindu festival..................

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Janmashtami Festival

Celebrate God Krishna's birthday and witness how his "gopalas" break handis all across Mumbai.

Throughout the city.

Typically in August but dates vary every year.

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