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SanyD - March 14, 2007
Very interesting activity indeed for an outsider, you get to see a side of Argentine culture at Mataderos Fair that may not be visible in rest of Buenos Aires.
alexelargentino - March 15, 2007
whats really amazing is that i am from Argentina and i had never seen something like that before. I am living in NYC now but looks like a lot of this "new" activities (ferias) had been put in place because of turists. i will recommend to try the Patagonia section instead. good day.
Ginger (the filmaker) - March 15, 2007
The mataderos fair is actually pretty old (it was held more in the center of the city at first) and there are very few tourists who make it there. The majority of the people who go are Argentines and the fair is there because it is where they slaughter cows, so there are natually gauchos and other people selling goods. It is a bit far from the center; for me it is one of the "off the beaten track" . You are correct in sayin there are new street fairs springing up all the time. While they cater to tourists, locals also buy a lot of the goods because they are cheaper than in the stores.
Alison - August 14, 2007
For another feria more popular with locals (although it also attracts some tourists) you can also try the one in Tigre.
Anonymous - October 28, 2011
When is the Mataderos Fair usually held? I plan on being in Buenos Aires from the 14th of March until the 18th of March. Exactly where is it held?B1 I'd love to see it.

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Mataderos Fair
Buenos Aires

Eat, drink, dance, and play with Gauchos and other Argentine locals.

"Feria De Mataderos" in the neighborhood of Mataderos.

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Bus - Number 36, 55, 92, 63, 80, 92, 97, 103, 117, 126, 141, 155, 180, Or 185.

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