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Tom - February 24, 2007
Fantastic View. Night view is also great. But you have to check on fog conditions before going. It is not uncommon for the view to be completely blocked because of fog. Couple of decent restaurants at the peak as well.
jose L. G. Arias.Corunna.Spain. - February 27, 2007
I have ben posted in H.K 14 years ago, as manager of a Spanish bank in the island. Now viewing the sights geobeats shows of the old british enclave, I noticed that H.K has changed quite a lot. The only building I have recognised is the Bank of China.Thank you for letting me see the place that b rings me back a lot of remembrances.
Cary B - March 06, 2007
Checking on fog is important before you go, as that happens frequently.
Luis_hk2001 - December 24, 2008
I love HK, I love HK people, I love HK island, I love Nathan road, I love Man Mo temple, I love...........I love HK forever (regards from Seville, Spain)
Jay - July 06, 2009
The Peak is a must-visit place for HK visitors. Instead taking the peak tram, I followed the Lonely Planet guide and took the double-decker bus up and tram down. It was fun and exciting. Plus, go in the afternoon and stay until 6-7pm. Watch the beautiful HK nightlights. If hungry, there are restaurants and a cafe up there.

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Victoria Peak
Hong Kong

A bird's eye view of some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world.


Getting There/Directions
Peak Tram - Take peak tram from the peak terminus (short distance from Central MTR) to Victoria Peak.
Peak Tram Timings - Daily 7 am to midnight.
Ticket Prices - One way (HK$20), round trip (HK$30).

Bus - Number 15 (weekdays & Saturday), 15B (Sunday & public holidays).

Other Information
Inquire about the weather before going to Victoria Peak.

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