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Jaya - February 25, 2007
This is such a beautiful part of the city. Clean and peaceful. A visit to Delhi is incomplete without it..
Wayne Hazle - February 26, 2007
I loved India. And this was a great part of Delhi
Anoop tripathi - March 07, 2007
I think this is a great job. Today, the India Gate is one of the most important symbols of India .
Kiran - March 07, 2007
India Gate is India's one of most famous monuments. As the video shows, it gives information on many soldiers lost in wars. As an Indian, it is always inspiring to take a tour of India Gate.
kumarg - March 09, 2007
Go to India Gate at night. This is when people all over from New Delhi come here, just walk around and enjoy ice cream. During the day there are more tourists. At night a more local atmosphere around India Gate.
rohD - March 14, 2007
India Gate monument is in one of the nicest areas of Delhi. Take time to walk around the area.
Renoosh - March 15, 2007
India Gate in Delhi has a similar look to that of Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Is there a connection?
Kiran - March 15, 2007
People are talking about nearby things. What are the other attractions near India Gate?
Subhanshu - March 20, 2007
India Gate is one of the very beautiful monuments of the capital not forget to take a walk in the evening whenever you go will really enjoy!!
Priyanka - March 24, 2007
Kiran-other attractions near India Gate are Pragti Maidaan, Appu Ghar, Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and the most posh market of the city connaught place and after that The seat of Indian rulers--The Red Fort.
Alan Varte - August 17, 2008
Red fort is the most reason that I want to visit India, I have read about it quite a few times but still waiting for the visit. I am really eager to visit redfort as it is one of the greatest landmarks in india.
rogan - February 11, 2010
i love india. This is such as a beautiful part of city.
Satish - January 08, 2011
I love my india
Deepak kumar Tiwari- Nepal.. - August 12, 2011
I love india. It is such a beautiful part of India...
Anonymous - November 07, 2011

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India Gate
New Delhi

A national landmark that remembers soldiers lost in wars.

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