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carlos - September 14, 2007
very good.
Kat - November 08, 2007
We need one of those places downunder, so on a Sunday all aussies can restore energy lol
Sandra - November 13, 2007
Be sure to get some seafood for the hang over, that`s what evrybody in Santiago recommends and so do I!!
Peter - December 18, 2007
Great vibe in this market nice for lunch
Aaron - December 26, 2007
King crab is the best here!! fresh and mush cheaper than any where else.
Mr and Mrs Jenkins - February 18, 2008
best seafood Ive ever tried!! since I was just a lad.
School Trip - June 13, 2008
My class just went to Santiago for a study tour and we all had lunch one day at the mercado, it was the best Ive ever tried, but we went into one of the little restaurants and it was way cheaper than the ones in the middle and the food was great. PD: try the ceviche!!
Karen - July 04, 2009
This is a great place to eat lunch and then go for a walk along the park across the street.

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