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swayam - July 26, 2007
good management,working system is unique.
Neil - September 12, 2007
Very cool. I would not mind photographing here.
Geminidude - September 13, 2007
How in the world do they keep track of all the clothes?
sangeeta - October 27, 2007
hi, im doing my architectural thesis on the dhobi-ghats in mahalaxmi in mumbai. its very sad to note their present day senario. if you do have any information or pictures please mail me at . thanks
Shameem - January 08, 2008
Have numerous photos, but being myself an architect, I am wondering how you (Sangeeta) are approaching it as an architectural thesis? Would share photos if you still need them.
sunjay - June 25, 2008
cost effective,traditional wonder any modernization can be achieved without increase in the cost incurred. Any new approach adopted in the thesis by young architects????
Anne Oct 2009 - October 22, 2009
Must be seen to be believed! Just got back from Incredible India!
Jere - May 30, 2010
Check out this Los Angeles Times article below on Dhobi Ghats. From the article and in response to an above question: "Because many dhobis are illiterate, they've developed a highly reliable system of indelible dots and dashes to ensure clothing is returned to its rightful owners.",0,2496233.story

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Dhobi Ghat

Every day, half a million clothes are sent here for laundry.

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