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arZan - January 22, 2008
As much as I agree with you in principle, Mahesh has gone down in quality in the past few years. I have been going to Mahesh since the late 80's/early 90's. At that time along with Apoorva, Trishna and Excellensea it was excellent. This was at their Fort location. In current times, with commercialization....they seem to have slipped in their standards. Even then though they are better than most restaurants. Ah cant wait for the next round of prawns gassi.
Simi - May 21, 2009
Nice to see Mangalorean cuisine. For its popularity I hardly get to see many videos on net. Thanks for covering it Hope to see more of Mangalorian cuisine at Trishna, Harish lunch home, many more restaurants all across Mumbai. Love their neer dosas with fish curry so unique. love all the konkani sea food and mangalorian seafood curries

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Mahesh Lunch Home

A local favorite for Manglorean seafood.



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