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JRach - March 06, 2007
If you are into English breakfast, you should read an interesting blog by Russell Davies who reviews variousbreakfast cafes around London -
Flick - June 28, 2007
Last time I was at Lazy Daisy it was for cakes. I must try the EB there next time, thanks for the video!:)
TakNYC - October 24, 2007
Looks absolutely delish.
jad - November 10, 2008
a bit too fatty ;) but perfect for this weather
two from rogalik ;) - November 10, 2008
1)Looks delicious. I wish I could try it, unfortunately I'm living with a vegetarian freak... ;))) 2)That's me (the vege mentioned above) Believe me, definitely too fattening...For me, for sure a part of so called English heritage :)))
Roger Piwowarski - December 09, 2008
For us colonials, baked beans for breakfast was a bit odd, but easily accommodated.

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