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Tom - February 23, 2007
Auction is lot of fun to watch, but you gotta get there early like at 5am. Afterwards, can get fresh sushi breakfast at one of the restaurants next to the market.
jamiedse - August 20, 2007
That's a lot of fish!
CMD - August 20, 2007
I heard that real Tuna is really costly. I came to know that most of the restaurants in Asia put alternatives of Tuna because they can't afford the real breed. Is it true?
singaporean - March 15, 2008
i don't know about the rest of asia but here we eat the real thing
matt - June 17, 2008
Thanks for the quick overview of the market. Not sure when you shot this/when the visit occured but I heard that they have closed the tuna auction area to visitors (tourists). Is that so? Or can we still get in there, minding the rules of course. Appreciate any feedback that can be provided based on any recent visits there.
sjg - December 18, 2008
thought it would be open aint! we got there around 6 and the only thing i saw was a few prawns!

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Tsukiji Fish Market

It's serious business at the world's largest wholesale fish market.

5-2-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-Ku

The auction starts at 5 am (Mon - Sat). Closed on Sunday and public holidays.

Getting There/Directions
Subway - Hibiya line to Tsukiji station Or Odeo line to Tsukiji Shijou station.

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