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Lida Drummond - April 09, 2007
I can't wait to visit! Wonderful. Mille grazie!
Paolo Manzelli - July 19, 2007
BLENDING SCIENCE & ART 2007 meeting c/o la Specola Museom Aula Galileo Galilei 21-NOV 2007. More info to Paolo Manzelli pmanzelli@GMAIL.COM
Dan Wats - August 09, 2007
Love it. Creepy but cool, looks like a fun place to check out.
RebeccaS - August 09, 2007
Awesome. Reminds me of the bodies exhibit in the US.
Alexis - August 10, 2007
What a way to study medicine!
Hannibal Lector - August 10, 2007
Reminds me of my basement.
Troy - August 10, 2007
I wish i knew about this when i was in Florence last month!!
Alex G - August 10, 2007
Damn it... I was just in Florence in July. Shame I didn't know about this museum.
Grenden - August 10, 2007
Reminds me of Body Worlds--display uses real bodies though, not wax. Great exhibit. See www(dot)bodyworlds(dot)com for info.
Pie - August 11, 2007
yeah reminds me of that body worlds thing, it was great, i would recomend it to anyone, just hope your not to squeamish. seeing real bodies. after that i remember going to an all you can eat bar-b-q place, it was good too ~P
Bellesme - April 10, 2009
I did not find the was body parts disturbing. They are great if you like figure drawing. One should not lean on the glass cases. The collection of taxidermied animals is quite extensive, esp. the aviary sections. Again, a real treat if one wants to sketch. Who knew there waer 40 different types of snails?
anita - January 28, 2010
Thank you! Fascinating.
Janet Petkin - August 21, 2011
I was there 9-2010. Adored it and bought the Taschen book on the human wax collection of models! I am sorry I didn't get a book on the crystal rock collection exhibit--looking for the bookstore now to buy the book! Loved La Specola!!!!!!

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La Specola

Ok so the human models are made out of wax. But you are still forewarned.


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