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MK - February 13, 2007
I went to Leh couple of years ago. It is the most amazing place. There's nothing like it. The landscape, monasteries - it's beautiful, so different than much of the western world. The area is pretty remote though. Some comforts have to be sacrificed. For instance, there are some decent mid-range comfortable hotels but no luxury/upscale hotels. And power is out for many hours during the day - atleast that was the case when I was there. But that's a small price to pay for being amidst such beautiful landscape.
jaipal vashist - September 03, 2008
i was in leh during 1999 as an air warrior posted at air base. it was amazing to land and takeoff a aircraft like il-76.the life of the peoples is very simlple and cool. there is a lot of mental peace there

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Leh and Ladakh

The contrasting landscape, Buddhist monasteries, and the lasting memories of Leh & Ladakh.

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Air - Frequent flights from New Delhi to Leh on Jet Airways and Indian Airlines.

Road - Bus and taxi from New Delhi to Manali to Leh.

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