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Kiran - February 26, 2007
I liked the inside of the Red Fort but the surrounding area is somewhat have to brace the traffic and crowd.
Rishi Chugh - March 18, 2007
I'd skip the evening light show in Red Fort, Old Delhi. Nothing special.
bdhir - March 18, 2007
Delhi's Red Fort has interesting history. The mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, who built the Taj mahal had the Red Fort build as well. At the time of British occupation of India, British Army occupied the Red Fort. Then Indian Army took over following India's independence. Interestingly, Indian Army occupied the Old Delhi's Red Fort until 2003, at which time it was transferred to the government department of tourism.
Jesse - March 18, 2007
Wear comfortable shoes! Walking in Red Fort will take a long time. Agreed, light show not too exciting. If enough time, check out the crazy Chandni Chowk.
badkheo - March 19, 2007
Check out all natural air conditioning system in Women's quarters of Red Fort - very cool!
Deepa - March 23, 2007
Its a beautiful place to visit. Nice little shopping area as well. Beware of the pickpockets and skip the evening light show.
Rishi Chugh - March 25, 2007
Jesse, you are right. Red Fort covers a large area and you want to be prepared for the heat in Delhi with good shoes, lots of water unless you are going in winter.
Mike Smith - March 28, 2007
I wonder if there would be an old delhi without the red fort.
Rishi Chugh - March 29, 2007
Yes, Old Delhi pretty much developed around Red Fort.
Anand - April 01, 2007
gets very, very hot in Delhi during summer and difficult to walk around Red Fort.
Bernard - July 29, 2007
Brings back good memories
Ella - May 09, 2009
Hey, I was just researching some facts about the red fort for more info to add to this project I'm doing. And I just came across this video. I have been wondering how many rooms are actually in the red fort and wondering if anyone can tell me, thanks Ella.
shubham agarwal - August 15, 2011
happy independence day

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Red Fort
New Delhi

A historic landmark of Delhi and the venue for Prime Minister's annual Independence Day speech.

Red Fort is located in Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi

Other Information
Main Attractions in Red Fort - Lahore Gate, Naubat Khana/Drum House, Indian War Memorial Museum, Diwan-i-am, Museum of Archaeology, Rang Mahal, Khas Mahal/Emperor's Palace, Hammams/Turkish Baths and Pearl Mosque/Moti Mahal.

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