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Pau Macaya - May 25, 2007
Very Nice, Good video! Bye
Christy - October 21, 2007
Thanks, this was a GREAT way to learn about Chile for my 6th grader's school report!!!!!!! Wish my research papers had been this much fun way back when.
Pernille Kierulff-Hansen - November 03, 2007
wooouv this is a great video :) and good information.
Helia - November 06, 2007
Viva Chile!!
Katerina - November 08, 2007
By any chance does your husband have a twin brother ????
Allison - November 08, 2007
Do only men do Rodeos?
Andrea - November 08, 2007
Having bulls shoved up against a wall is much better that having them speared!!!
Helia Goodman - November 13, 2007
To answer Allison`s question: Until now only men have practiced this sport since it was the custom and only men have won the national championship; but there are a few girls that train and compete, as far as I know women have never requested to participate in these rodeo championships and I have asked the organizers and they say it would not represent an issue for a women to run bulls.
Fantastic detail - January 23, 2008
I really loved your close attention of pointing the details of the rodeo. You truly have inpired me to make some of my own videos.
Helia - February 18, 2008
Rodeo season will be over in march and you can see them again in September for the National Holidays!!!
Talia - August 09, 2008
I am coming to Santiago in November, will the rodeo be on then?
Helia - October 02, 2008
Talia: The rodeo season will be durring the Chilean summer, end of november until feb, but the activities vary from town to town; in Pirque you may find rodeos on weekends mostly.Check with the locals
Mr and Ars Stein - November 14, 2008
beautiful event very traditional and the local food offered at the rodeo is great empanada
STROBEL - November 28, 2008
getting there is easy by local transport entrance is cheap and the show is great!!
Vanderschraft - December 27, 2008
the concha y toro vineyard is very close to this rodeo, you can stop for a tour and then go to the rodeo
Hertel - January 09, 2009
chilean huasos are very proud and they train their horses very well.the chilean horse is only found in chile.
Frank S. - July 04, 2009
We went to Santiago on our way to Patagonia, with a very small budget,so we found our way to Pirque on our own,saw a rodeo and tried the wine, so, if you ever want to go on your own its is easy and not expensive!!
Jennifer - August 01, 2009
We arrive in Chile on Sept 16th. I noticed you said the rodeos would be taking place for the Ind. holidays. Do you happen to know if they will be going on the weekend after (Sat & Sun the 19th and 20th?) What time is the rodeo. Thank you very much.
Helia Goodman - August 04, 2009
To Jennifer: Exact dates Im not sure of, they are oragnized locally,I`m looking into it. But they start at around 10 am and then last all day!!! with a short lunch break at around 1pm.The fisrt round is on Saterday and finals are then on sunday. All the same.I`ll get back to you here.
Helia Goodman - August 04, 2009
Rachel - April 27, 2010
the rodeos are great and fun!!! close to the city too!
Paul & Laura - February 13, 2011
great tips,thanks a lot!! we loved the rodeo!wouldn`t have found it otherwise the tours of the metropolitan area don`t include it.

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