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4 User Insights - April 12, 2008
I love perchè no but, amongst the ice cream parlor in the center of Florence, I prefer gelateria de neri (via de neri); many more good ice cream place in the outskirts :-)
Raquel - April 20, 2009
For me, Perchè No has the best gelato in the world, hands down. I've never found anything like it anywhere else...not even in other cities of Italy (well, maybe in Venice they come quite close)....but Perchè No is number 1 in my book
Anthony - August 28, 2009
Perchè no! is one of my favorites also. Gelateria dei Neri is excellent too - but I think the styles are quite different. I would highly suggest trying both of them - and Grom!
kyle - July 26, 2011
Well, I'm glad you found good ice-cream places like the one on via de neri, but this page is about gelato and the Perche no is the best there is. And all kidding aside, it taste even better if you make small talk with the servers :)

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