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Marcello Iozzi - November 19, 2008
I love your video about Chiaroscuro Cafe. I am the Australian importer of Mokaflor/CHiaroscuro coffee products in australia so i know how good the products are. I just wanted to thankyou for such a good video, i shall be directing all my customers new and old to this video link. Thankyou. Marcello Iozzi.
Bellesme - April 10, 2009
When in Firenze, I stay at a pensione on via del Corso across from the Chiaroscuro, so I visit the cafe at least once a day. It is an intelligently run business. The coffee drinks are expertly created. The staff and manager are very polite and helpful. Since I do not visit in the summer the clientele I see are mostly Italian. In spite of my imperfect Italian language skills, at Chiarscuro I never feel the impatience with which tourist are treated in some other establishments. Chiarscuro offers truly delicious hot & cold lunches that are nicer than the usual bar offerings of panini or pizza, but much cheaper than nearby restaurants. At night, the lights go down, sometimes there is live music, and it becomes a like a tapas bar. Regardless of the hour, one can still order espresso drinks. I am always impressed by how much goes on in such a small space (by US standards) and yet maintains such good quality.

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Chiaroscuro Cafe

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