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Anita - February 13, 2007
I think the Avenue of the Stars is best viewed at night when you can see the Hong Kong skyline. There is an amazing nightly light show that you can see from the harbor too. Afterwards, I'd suggest going to the nearby, famous Peninsula hotel for a drink at Felix.
Aran - February 20, 2007
Anita - I agree. And you must take the ferry at night to get a wider view of Hong Kong skyline with all the lights...the cheapest and best city cruise in the world.
JSels - February 27, 2007
Felix is great - good food and drinks. It also has very nice views of Hong Kong.

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Avenue of Stars
Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Avenue of Stars with marks of Jackie Chan, John Woo, Jet Li, and others.

Getting There/Directions
Subway - MTR (local train) to Tsim Tsui Sha station, Exit - G.

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