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Carlos - November 06, 2007
This hill is great to see Santiago but smog is some times too much.
Kat - November 08, 2007
It's great to see that tradition lives on with a comemoration to the indigenous people...
Helia - November 13, 2007
Hi Kat: In Chile people are very proud of their inheritance and they follow traditions as much as they can in this century, we must remember that it took the spanish conquerors over 300 years to control Chile, long after they had colonized the rest of South America!!
Mr and Mrs Campbell - January 07, 2008
Santa Lucia is a nice walk to take a nd across the street there is a big artesan´s market with lapis lasuli things and local art.Completely reccomendable!!
jade - August 26, 2008
i am doing a project on chile,santiago and you have no idea how helpful it was i hope you have others on chile because it was GREAT!
Helia - October 02, 2008
Jade: everything about each country is unique but I find Chile very outstanding!! good luck on your projet!!
Peter Brust - August 04, 2009
Climb to the top and your prize is a great view!!

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Cerro Santa Lucia

The park where locals go to escape the city.

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