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Rob D. - February 26, 2007
Probably not the best place to shop for jewelery, the view of Ponte Vecchio at sunset is pretty spectacular as the host mentioned.
Lisa - March 18, 2007
If you are visiting Florence during summer, check out Ponte Vecchio late evenings, there are street musicians and people just hanging out.
Lisa June 20, 2007 - July 03, 2007
Beautiful jewelry at a decent price can be found on Ponte Vecchio if you find the right shop; we did. Watch closing time when the unique, heavy doors are replaced on shops, very fascinating. We saw a skull race and classical concert to celebrate Italy's win! A dream come true.
Athena-Goddess of Wisdom - June 15, 2010
I'd like to visit the ponte vecchio, and it sounds pretty cool. Maybe i can go there with my family someday...

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Ponte Vecchio

Oldest bridge in Florence with unique setup of shops on the bridge.

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Attractions of Ponte Vecchio: City views, architecture, jewelery shops

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