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Kiran - March 09, 2007
paranthas taste good but beware, they are very fattening.
Ashish - August 10, 2007
Why does this guy looks so lost? It's almost like he has suddenly woken up in Paranthewali Gali and isn't entirely sure if this is the place he wanted to review. And I have never heard anyone speak of Paranthas with such disdain - a glorified roti!? C'mon Parantha making is an art in itself - and very very different from the way roti's are cooked. Also, Paranthewali Gali is special because they have a unique Parantha making style quite unlike the traditional parantha.
RaghD - August 10, 2007
Looks like that's his style. I like it, casual and personal.
Sohail - October 29, 2007
Paranthas are very popular in North India. Apart from Paranthewali gali, there are lot of local popular hangout paratha joints in Delhi. Some of the popular ones are AIIMS, IIT - Delhi, North Campus etc...
aparna jagannath - November 02, 2007
its the best place i've ever been to and the most tastiest paranthas i've ever tasted.
nadeem shaikh - February 19, 2008
Wht paranthaas of paranthewali gali?dont ask every time i think about it,it allways brings water in my mouth,coz they are worthwhile of doing that .I could never forget the parantha from here.DO CHECK OUT THAT.
Robert Schwab - July 03, 2008
I visited Paranthewali Gali often when I was a student at Delhi University in 1968. In 2006, I brought some of my own Canadian students on a study/travel program to India and led them to my favourite Paranthe shop. Unfortunately, I chose to bring them on Raksha Bandhan - the one day of the year when all the shops in Paranthewali Gali are closed!
kaushik kumar gupta - April 13, 2010
when before one month i went to the parathe wali gali and eat the mix and paneer paratha with chatni and three tyoes of vegetables and the drink the lassi in kulhar, it was vey nice scenario

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Paranthewali Gali
New Delhi

Famous for Indian bread "Paranthas", the street has been visited by leaders and common folks alike.

Paranthewali Gali is a street in the Chandni Chowk area of Old Delhi. The street has several shops that serve Paranthas.

Getting There/Directions
Metro - To Chandni Chowk Station and walk to Paranthewali Gali.

Taxi - To Chandni Chowk and walk to Paranthewali Gali.

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