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Carlos Valenzuela - November 06, 2007
Bamboo is a real Chilean restaurant in a real Chilean house you must eat here when in Santiago!!
Kat - November 08, 2007
Wine and dine, sounds like a must especially with that type of cuisine.
Michael - November 13, 2007
The drive to this restaurant is beautiful and the Chilean seafood CEVICHE is really delicious!! This restaurant is attended by the owner and the owner`s wife is the chef!! what better service than that??
Mr and Mrs Goodrich - December 18, 2007
This restaurant is just minutes away from the Concha y Toro Vineyard a beautiful place to visit and try delicious wine.
Mr and Mrs Lovell - February 18, 2008
Hi and thanks for the tip, we went to this resaurant after seeing this video and it was great beautiful nature and locals are very nice. Thanks
Camille - February 25, 2008
It looks good. I wish I could go too!!
maurizio - April 27, 2010
the food was great and the people are loads of fun!!
crystal - February 13, 2011
wow! we will def. go there!

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Bamboo Restaurant

Traditional Chilean Dining at Bamboo restaurant in Santiago.

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