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Divya - March 12, 2007
Their styles are evergreen. My favorite is Khadi stuff. It is perfect for summers and gives you a very ethnic look.
Ruchi - March 18, 2007
I like Fabindia. Anyone know if they have any plans to open in the US?
manbeer - April 30, 2007
I like fabindia for its quality clothing. I love fabindia.
jumana - May 12, 2007
Great to get so many color fabrics under one roof!.....Fabindia Fabulous.
Gobind Sharma - July 22, 2007
Fabindia is Fabulous!!! Great Stuff, Great Quality, Great Choice at very reasonable price. I love the Fabindia Stuff!!!
Bindu Singh - July 31, 2007
Furnitures are also good and the best part is that the wood is authentic, but I could not buy one because Fabindia does not provide customized furnitures. I was very disappointed.
Sneha - August 21, 2007
Their products are awesome and I love them, but one has to be prepared for the color drain and shrinkage during the wash.
Arti Rao - October 15, 2007
Fabindia presents the beauty of INDIA. All its products are form all over the country show the richness of textile. Thanks to Fabindia for giving us the best quality with the good price.
neela - December 29, 2007
I like the fabrics-the feel,colours and the fit.Makes you feel like a complete Indian!!!
T Gupta - March 23, 2008
It is Evidently not correct everything is handwoven as stated in this video. Only small fraction is now handwoven as there is so much merchandise to produce. The quality may be less than it used to be.
Manbeer Bartwal - May 17, 2008
FABINDIA !!! love it . when i wear its its make feel proud of indian. great quality, fitting and reasonable price. i always used to go gk, khan market and shipra mall.
neha gambhir - July 17, 2008
I had done fashion designing course and took part in fashion shows as well . I am keen to engzge with fabindia. My mail id is
Gaurav Ajmani - August 04, 2008
Ruchi - You can order fabindia clothes online at
Gaurav Ajmani - August 04, 2008
Bindu Singh - You can ask Fabindia, Home Design Centre to customise your furniture.
Gobind Sharma - September 23, 2008
*Bindu*.......... Good news for you. Now Fabindia has a very experienced team of "Home Design Centre" who looks after the custumised order. They are from designing backgound and even they do interiors just free of cost. You should visit GK store and i'm sure Ira Lal (HDC in-charge) will be happy to assist you.
Anita Guilotte - March 09, 2009
I have shopped at your shop in Bangalore. Like it a lot. Live in Sweden. What is the address to your Web-site?
shaila singh - October 17, 2009
its really awsome i really love it.. its ethnic and marvellous,,,,,,,,,
sanjeev sohani - May 20, 2010
do u have any outlet in -India,Indore (m.p.)
Pradeep Kumar - July 28, 2010
I like fabidia product ranges.
Samir - September 25, 2010
Simply the best collections of handicraft products.
Amar Rathore - April 25, 2011
I like fabindia for its quality clothing. I love fabindia.........
Anonymous - October 28, 2011
Love to visit Fabindia one day

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