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Tom - February 24, 2007
Soho area that you reach by the escalator is popular amongst expats for living and partying. There are a number of restaurants and bars...Taco Local, a small mexican place is my favorite.
Aran - February 27, 2007
In the evenings, escalator is only running have to walk down the stairs. But remember you can always take a taxi if you don't want to walk down.
cielio - March 08, 2007
In the evenings, Soho is always happening whether it is a weekday or weekend. Lan Kwai Fong is also near.
Tom - March 15, 2007
Cielio, agree Soho is the place to be. Lan Kwai Fong is also a fun area but it sees its fair share of tourists. Soho for the most part sees local expats.
angelo d. - September 18, 2007
it would be interesting to live by the escalator
Albert - March 21, 2010
An escalator similar to Central Escalator is being built along Centre Street from High Street to Boham Road of Sai Ying Pun. It will be ready by 2012.

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Central Escalator
Hong Kong

The world's longest moving steps that showcase Hong Kong's daily life.

Goes from the Central to Mid level districts.

Daily 6 am to 10 am downhill and then uphill till midnight.

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