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catia - February 23, 2007
good morning: bon dia good afternoon'bona tarda good night: boa nit? what? I thought is buenos dias,buenas tardes,buenas noches...esto es que lo aprendí en mi pais latino
aron - February 27, 2007
that's how you say those things in Catalan - the official language in Barcelona. It's a seperate language (Spain has 4 languages in total) and both even though both are spoken in Barcelona, the locals really appreciate it if you make the effort with Catalan.
Kixmi - March 06, 2007
Good morning is 'buenos dias' in Spanish and 'bon dia' in Catalan Good afternoon is 'buenas tardes' in Spanish and 'bona tarda' in Catalan Good night is 'buenas noches' in Spanish and 'bona nit' in Catalan Try to speak in Catalan (when you stay in Barcelona or in Catalonia) for a best attitude of local people...
Sonia - May 16, 2007
My favorite phrase: Mas Sangria, por favor :-)
Xinoxano - August 22, 2007
We local Catalans do not drink sangria, only tourists do.
BOA - September 30, 2010
@ Xinoxano: My friends (being local Catalans) DO drink Sangria, both red and white. You should be careful with generalizations - Catalan people are just as diverse as others so it is just as dangerous to say that "Catalans do/don't do this/that" as if to say "Spanish like bullfights" or "Germans love beer". @ Catia: If you are surprised by the presence (and predominance) of another language than Castilian you might have wanted to change your final destination from Catalonia to somewhere else on the Peninsula. Not knowing that Catalonia has a language and culture in its own right is an indicator that you have not even bothered to acquire the most basic facts about your (temporary?) residence of choice. It is people like you - ignorant, not even the least interested and prejudiced - who make life difficult for the local people and those foreigners who are indeed trying to get integrated. If you were not aware of the fact that Catalan is the primary language in Catalonia (even though people do speak and understand Castilian), then this gap of knowledge is YOUR shortcoming and NOT a faux-pas committed by the locals. Also, it's 'bona nit'. Don't ridicule things that you are so very obviously not interested in. It's not only rude but also embarassing to yourself. BTW, I am not Catalan, but German, and YES, I speak Catalan and Castilian. And I don't really appreciate beer.

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