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1 User Insights - June 16, 2007
I live and work as a health profesional in HK,every morning of my HK life I have made a detour to the man mo temple to breathe in the atmosphere,place my healing hands on the marble within inscriptions(that I cannot read)and ask for inspiration to do my healing wotk better.Everyday I suceed where conventional medicine can't.What in Man Mo temple does that I simply don't know but it works. lee

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Man Mo Temple
Hong Kong

Take a tour of one of the oldest and most beautiful temples of Hong Kong.

Hollywood road and Ladder street.

Daily 8 am to 6 pm.

Getting There/Directions
Bus - Number 26 to second stop on Hollywood road.
Subway - Central MTR (local train), then walk along Queens road central and take Mid Level escalator to Hollywood road.

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