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Tom - March 02, 2007
Hong Kong is full of these herbal medicine shops. While you may not be convinced to buy them, it's still interesting to check out all the remedies and find out the source and information about them.
leonard Roker - February 03, 2008
I am an exporter of a dried plant bark,(Cascarilla) planted in the 15 Century by Arawack Indians on large farms in the Bahamas. It is believed that they used this plant in their pipes and in their medecines but when they were killed off by the Spanish, their secret died with them. Are there large Research and Development labs in Hong Kong ?. I would like to explore this plant potential?
Jackie - February 06, 2008
I can only imagine how all the living creatures feel about their demise by the billions. Very well produced film despite my abhorrence at some of the contents.

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