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bklash - February 17, 2007
If you are vegetarian, Bangkok is probably the best city in the world. Veggie food of almost every cuisine is available. A google search will give you a listing. Or simply walk down Sukhumvit...
Lukas Ritzel - June 28, 2007
Thai food is overall just about the best food of all. Somtam or Papayasalad is so very refreshing and just a MUST to eat when in Bangkok. Either go for the real thing Isaarn style with fermented fish (palaa) and crabs or then for beginners rather the thai version with peanuts and no palaa and dried shrimps to replace the crab
tachi - December 30, 2007
Thai Food that I love most is Pad Thai. But Tom Kha Kai and Tom Yam Gong is really spicy and juice and aroy maak. You can search in every street around sukhumvit and suanlum. Oh don't forget to drink small coconut...have a nice trip.
nbb - October 24, 2009
I lived in Bangkok for five years and NEVER got sick from street food. From som tam to pad thai to fruit shakes -- go for it!!
lalalala - January 17, 2011
very useful information about thailand- helped me alott to see if i go there whatt i can eattt whie i there.
Maulin - January 20, 2011
now im really hungry to go fly to bangkok and stuff myself with papaya and chicken, Pad Thai, and roti.

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