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Kiran - March 02, 2007
Palak Paneer is yummy. Cottage cheese has a unique taste.
Anonymous - December 06, 2007
The video is great and very organised. Should have such videos for more recepies
vijaya lakshmi, Hyderabad - December 13, 2007
your preperation was excellent and easy. my 10 year old daughter liked the preperation very much. Thank you
Terry Day - February 14, 2008
Was delighted to watch the video. I did not understand some of the ingredients. Is there a recipe to go along with the video. I am going to try it. sauteing the onions, garlic and ginger together is something I did not know. Thank you.
Rita - August 18, 2008
Your way of preparation is so good. I am going to give it a try. It looks yummy. Thanks for ur recipe.
Mrs. Prakash, Beijing - January 02, 2009
Nice recepie. Well organised please upload more . Like the way you prepare it. Thanks Aunty Ji.
Maulin - January 24, 2009
Madhu auntie, I absolutely love palak paneer, I will definetely try to use your recipe.
sony yadav , USA - June 03, 2009
This video is helpful bcz it gives me original north indian flavour , i would like to say pls upload some more authentic dishes
Sony yadav, Philadelphia - June 03, 2009
its too good! reciepe helped me a lot to bring real flavour of palak paneer Thank u!!

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