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Tom - February 24, 2007
Hong Kong subway is amongst the best I have seen in the world. They are efficient, clean and the next train is always few minutes away. If you are going be there for more than few days, I suggest buying an octopus card, comes in handy not only for subway but also for buying small things from convenience stores.
KPierr - March 03, 2007
HK metro is very easy to ride and efficient. Minibuses are also an option but some drivers go little too fast particularly on the outer roads.
craigl. - March 18, 2007
just an amazing train system, safe and quick. No need to take the taxis unless you want to get stuck in traffic.
philips qiu - July 06, 2007
oh, It's really convenient, like shanghai subway.
rubenpc - September 26, 2007
thanks for your information over transportation in hk. I used to live there in the early 90's and hk's transport system is very user friendly. the octopus card seems a good item to start my visit! I,ll be back in a couple of days after 14 years absence. looking forward to see all the new buildings and the old sights, as well.
Felix - December 20, 2007
I haven't been to HK yet. This will help me to walk around HK easily using the public transport system. Thanks!

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