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Class 8De2 Wallasey School Wirral England - July 09, 2008
We have been learning about German food and we love it. We think that kebabs in Berlin are different to the ones in England because ours are smaller and we eat them in a pitta bread and we think ours are more meaty and greasy!!
Lance - July 16, 2008
Note that like the australian guy says, there is doner in wrap too. They just call it Durum Kebap. You can see it on the menu when they are at the place. I prefer this cos it is easier to eat, like a turkish burrito! The australian says its completely different but its same ingredients just with a wrap. Im sure it is much better in berlin too! enjoy!
Auslander - March 28, 2009
I agree with you Lance. The wrap has better taste for me and it is easer to eat and hold.
Jesse - May 23, 2009
I lived in Berlin for a few years. I left in 1996. My favorite berliner fast foods are the Doener Kebab, Curry Wuerst, and Pommes mit Mayo. The best Doener Kebab sauce I have ever tasted was at an Imbiss in a U-Bahn station (Spichernstr.). I always wonder if it still exists. Also, the Curry Wuerst and Pommes mit Mayo, I feel, were the best at one of the Imbiss outside of the Winterfeldt Platz U-Bahn. Great memories!!!
Jackie Presley - October 17, 2010
I lived in Berlin from 1986-1988.I was a Doner Kebab fan. They had salad-type veggies dressed with a white sauce called Knoblauch. Believe it was strong garlic with yogurt. The lamb was cut from a circular spit. It came off in very thin strips of well-done meat. All this was laid on a flat bread similar to pita but no pockets. It was then wrapped in foil so one could continue walking, shopping, etc. I haven't found another one just like those in all of Texas. Is there some place in the states that fixes this kebab? I would even be willing to pay someone to ship them, if they can be carried overseas in an appropriate cold box.
Mikael - January 15, 2011
Doner's are absolute rubbish food, if you are looking to keep fit stay away from kebab shop. One kebab has as much as 3000 kcal!!!! More fat and sodium than you need for an entire week. I have no idea what kind of people at at German kebab shops, but going to a kebab shop in the UK late at night can be very dangerous, full of drunk idiots.
Thomas - April 27, 2011
The best Doners were from civans(I think thats how you spell it) in Zhelendorph, they had this red sauce that was the bomb. I can't wait to get back to Berlin, first thing i'm eating is a Doner kabab, maybe two. I have friends wanting them because i talk about them so much, when they come to europe they look for DK.

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