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Gwen - October 29, 2007
That Plaza is great for sight seeing!!
Katerin - November 08, 2007
Wish i would have seen the art work when i was there!!!
Freddy - December 12, 2007
The cathedral next to plaza de armas is beatiful, I went there after I saw this video and it really is a nice place to go!
Kim & Laura - February 18, 2008
We went to Santiago for our school study trip and this pplaza was fun!! We had coffee on the sidewalk cafe and spent all afternoon just walking around the city!!
Sophie - March 17, 2008
what a nice plaza to see and learn about the cities development
Karen Middleman - July 03, 2008
My mother and I were fortunate to have Helia as our guide in Santiago. History came alive through her recollections of interesting stories and facts about the architecture, people, and even the food!
Sammie Hayward Bankston - April 27, 2009
Don't miss the museum! It is full of amazing Chilean history...from Conquistadores to a room full of the Allende years. Fascinating and well presented! The day we were there a band played and dancers danced the popular Queka. Very festive and fun to be there!
Helia - October 24, 2009
This video starts with the "chinchineros" playing their drums;a part of Chilean folk culture.This is taught generation to generation and there are only around 30 real chinchineros left.They play for all public on the streets and make a living from the tips recieved.

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Plaza de Armas

The main plaza of Santiago with many historic and political buildings.

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