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S.T. Leng - May 11, 2008
Excellent! I had crepes here in Singapore in a small cafe run by a Frenchman. Now I know what it is like in big place like Paris! Very good for my research on France for my small project with Maison de la France but am telling my sister and family about your website because they are going to France.
Karen Caillier - May 11, 2008
What is the address of this place, it looks wonderful. Thank you.
St Mary's School Lincoln - June 17, 2008
The ham and cheese pancakes were yummy. Rufus The best pancakes I have ever had. Jonathan I'm definitely bringing my sister and parents back here. Estella I had a great time. Gabby The chocolate pancakes made me hungry. Rosie un grand merci to all the staff who made us so welcome

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Indulge in crepes at a typical French creperie.

Near Pompidou Centre

Creperie Beaubourg
2, rue Brisemiche

Phone/Contact Info
+33 1 42 77 63 62

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