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Gautam Khanna - March 20, 2007
What a wonderful video clip! Nice work Gaurav... -Gautam
VW - July 02, 2007
These guys know what they're doing. Although a tad expensive - if you need a tux stitched - these guys are probably the only establishment in Delhi who will know what you're talking about & do a good job.
Ag - January 04, 2009
Gaurav, any insights on how much would stitching for a 3 piece suit cost? Do they have a website? I tried looking around for one, but couldn't find it.
Curt - June 24, 2009
I have two suits and one navy blazer from them. The last suit was about Rs. 25,000 in summer 2007. You can certainly spend less or a lot more, depending on the cloth.
Brij Bhushan - August 20, 2009
Hi, i am looking for some good tailor who has a good stock of fabrics. i saw ur website and interested to know you price range(with the quality of fabric for each price range.) Right now i am doing custom suit business in west africa and get them made in hongkong. Looking forward to ur reply.
Neil Forbes - July 03, 2010
I am trying to find an email address or website address for Vaish at Rivloi, can you help Cheers

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Vaish Tailors
New Delhi

Custom stitched suits using world class techniques.

Next to Rivoli Cinema

25 Regal Building, Connaught Place, New Delhi

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